“He had a great first day.  Lots of playing.  Kohlton was ecstatic to see him when I picked him up from school.  No accidents day 1.”

– Tiffany D. 9/15/16

“Romeo is doing stairs and has been peeing in the dog area, no accidents”

– Sue 7/2/16

“He is literally amazing.  We trained him to be off leash for our walks and his temperament is so calm.  He is especially good with everyone we meet including small children.”  “He’s the best son ever and everyone he meets loves him.”

-Nik, August 2016

“Cap has been SUCH an awesome dog, so we are toying with the idea of getting another one from you.”  “I’ve done 2 training classes with him so far, and he’s very well behaved.  We just adore him.”  “Ella-Settling in very well here, and she and Cap have already bonded.  We love her!  Thanks again so much”

-Kelley 7/14/16

“I am self employed and he gets to go almost everywhere with me.  All of my customers who meet him, love him.  Some have even called and asked me to bring him when I come.  I just wanted to share with you a little of how much one of your creations has changed the life of his new companion.  I am forever grateful…”

-Thom 9/12/16

“Thank you for doing such a great job raising and training her for her first 5 months.  She is just wonderful.”

-Kelly 10/11/16

“Little Stella is doing really well.  She has brought smiles and joy to our family.”  “The family is thrilled!!!”

-Jim 9/25/16 & 10/4/16

“Chase is accustom to the family and we are so in love with him.  Best decision ever!!”

-Krystal 10/2/16

“Soooooo in love”

-Matt 9/27/16

“Thank you for creating such a caring environment for Marty’s first couple of months.  He has the sweetest disposition, and had adjusted to his new home almost effortlessly.  We are amazed at how smart he is and how quickly he is learning.”

-Elizabeth 4/13/17

“Oliver has been a little angel puppy.  He’s been doing so well!”

-Cara 4/13/17

“Bindi is doing great!”

-Jamie 4/12/17

“Max and Bandit – They are great therapy for me.  It is funny how it can make me feel happy just to watch them play together.”

-Sherry 4/4/17

“Maggie – She went swimming in the pond yesterday (briefly).  We sure love her.”

-Bill 3/8/17

“Cooper – I think he is smarter than some of our employees.”  🙂 LOL

-Tracie 3/28/17

“Joy – She is very smart.  She’s very much loved.”

-Elaine 2/28/17

“Scout – he is an absolute joy, such a sweet pup.”

-Amanda 12/28/16

“Dakota – we do love her and everyone who meets her does too.”

-Mark 12/25/16

“I love him already, he is very sweet”

-Sue 10/14/18

“Never ever wanted a dog.  Can’t imagine our lives without him.  Thanks for being so amazing from the time he was born until we adopted him.”

“Best. Dog. Ever.”

-Kristi 4/16/18 & 9/24/18

“Bohdi is such an amazing dog, he’s adorable and so sweet.”

-Sara 9/12/18

“Thank you so much for my puppy Sophie, I love this pup, she’s doing really good with potty training, she and Ollie are playing and getting along great…”

“She look amazing and is a pretty amazing dog!!!”

-Mitzi 9/12/18 & 11/21/18

“We love her so much, thank you.  She has already learned to sit and give you her paw.”

-Jodi 9/28/18

“She’s great addition to our family.  Thank you so much.”  “We just love her so much.”

-Betty 6/9/18 & 6/13/18